Backup user data and settings

As the system is changing constantly at the moment and I often update the image I am looking for a way to backup user data and settings
and restore them once the new image has booted or even before writing the image to the SD card.

E.g. how to backup and restore:

  • WiFi set up via the Posh UI
  • call logs

Thanks and regards
most user settings are stored in $HOME in hidden folders i.e. in $HOME/.config or $HOME/.share or etc

I believe networkmanager connections are stored in /etc/networkmanager/ but I could also be wrong
tar czf home_bak.tgz /home/<username>
sudo tar czf etc_bak.tgz /etc

tar xzf when you need them. 99% of the time works without issues, including encryption keys and passwords. The other 1% you are usually aware what the issues will be Smile

Thanks for the feedback!

If I do not want to backup all of /etc and $HOME and need just need to identify the relevant files.
I will flash the OS to the internal eMMC and rsync the backup file to the microSD card.
After an image update I can just rsync them back and reboot.

If you are using rsync anyways, why not fetch the files directly via rsync instead of tarring them up first?

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