Cant login to a new install of ChromeOS
When I got my pbp back in August/Sept I tried the newest version of ayufan's chromeos build and poked around a little before moving on to other distros.  I recently had a reason to go back to chromeos and cannot login.  I have reflashed the sd card with 3 different version of chromeos and get messages about my account not being verified, but I can still sogn in as a guest and access gmail and such from inside the guest browser.

Doing web searches on this this problem reveals that it isnt exactly uncommon, but that a "powerwash" is the key to resetting a regular chromebook and fixing the issue.  The key combos for powerwashing do not work however (prompts restart but never prompts to begin powerwash), and there really shouldnt be a need to powerwash a freshly installed sd card anyway right?   

My best guess is that there is some sort of leftovers from the first chromeos sdcard that I poked around with somewhere/somehow on the actual pbp and google isnt allowing sign-in.  I am using a different sd card, and have tried the same on also, and as I said befiore I have tried 3 different of ayufan's build.  None will let me sign in as anything other than guest.  Any thoughts and help are appreciated.  Ty
Based on the guess of "leftovers from the first chromeos sdcard" , I decided to hit the switch (disable) on the EMMC and got signed in without issue. I re-enabled the EMMC and can still sign in.

Id still like someone who knows a bit more about what may have been happening if possible. "Leftovers" may have been the right answer but is still a pretty thin guess that was just lucky to be correct

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