Rubber feet coming off
Recently I've been having a problem with the rubber feet coming off the bottom.

The worst ones are the ones on the back side (nearer to the screen). They have the habit of sliding around on the underside if the laptop is pushed. Or even worse, coming off in the bag and getting potentially lost. And if the feet are not in the proper place the laptop will wobble around and of course the glue is sticky as well.

I'm asking if anyone else has had the same issue and what did you do? I'm thinking that there could be replacement feet or some adhesive that can glue them back more securely.
Mine aren't having this issue (yet). But if they did, I'd throw the rubber feet in the trash and replace them. Rubber/cork feet are $3/dozen at the local hardware store. Just make sure to clean any oils or the like off the surface before installing.
I have also had this happen, and have removed all of the adhesive on the feet and PBP, then use a small drop of instant glue to reattach them. the trick appears to be to get all of the old adhesive removed.
I managed to get them back on with a gneric rubber cement type adhesive. I had to clean the rubber feet and the case thoroughly before, though.

If they fall off again in the future, I still have a ton of glue left, so I'm gonna live with this for now.

The reason I didn't want to get some generic felt pads or anything like that is because I like the existing ones.
3 of mine are now missing.  After 20 years as an electronics technician, I'm not surprised.  Stick-on things generally come loose.  BUT, each one is over a hole in the case.  It should be possible to replace them with feet that attach with machine screws that go through the holes and have nuts inside.  Might need to be thin nuts, I haven't tried it.  Or put the heads of the screws inside and use something like toothpaste tube caps as feet, tighten the nuts inside them with a nutdriver.  Or find feet that are threaded inside, put screws down through the holes into them.  GC Elecctronics used to have a bunch of that stuff, now I'd try maybe a Newark catalog.  Or Aliexpress.

Something here is bound to work, but there are 5,300 to look through.

Or (but I don't want 100 of them)

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2170]    
There is a hole through the case but the feet don't have any part that goes through them, I am fixing an old MacBook and its feet have a construction that goes through the case.

I managed to get mine attached and they seem to be on for now, I always have a lot more glue. But if they have been lost, it's maybe hard to find ones that have a good size.
Right, so you replace them with feet that are held on with screws through the holes.

I wonder what would happen if you clean off all of the old glue with solvents, then use super glue. That Cyanoacrylate stuff: It's infamous for gluing fingers together but acetone (or nail polish remover) will cut it. It bonds quickly but gets stronger on setting. If you turned the PBP upside down and stuck the feet on, then covered them with waxed paper and weights to hold them down, let it sit overnight,that would maybe be best. It needs time to cure especially if there's a thick layer of it.
A thin layer of that would work very well, very quickly. But I can't recommend it. There are adequate adhesives that are much less aggressive, and at least, less messy. I wouldn't want them to stick so well that I have to file them off and repair the paint when I need to replace them. And I've read that the bottom surface is magnesium; so don't even consider removing them with a torch!

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