Cannot boot from microSD
So my sdcard reader is deep in there it does have a spring tray so I use a backend of a tweezer or something that matches with strength the back of the sdcard and it took a bit but it clicked in and clicks all the time I have been doing this (you want to make sure the tool doesn’t end up in the slot too). If your card just falls out it isn’t in the tray. It’s far in there. Give that a shot because for a while I was wondering why I couldn’t boot.

The holder piece is just for enclosing the space (waterproof, dust) not for holding the sdcard.

Putting the card in one side goes half way the other side feels like it has much more space down and it bounces or loose, you will know just have patience doing it and placing it in.
(10-15-2020, 06:55 PM)pjsf Wrote:
(10-15-2020, 10:49 AM)pizzalovingnerd Wrote: My MicroSD card won't click in, I have to use the tray that opens the microSD slot in order to hold it in. (It came like this)
That doesn't sound right. Have you taken the unit apart at all? When I first did that the sd slot didn't align properly after reassembling it. I had to take it apart again to get it properly accessible. Now, as others have said, it is difficult to access but it clicks in. It's on a spring clip (like on the pbp not the pinephone), if you're not getting that effect it might be worth trying to take it apart and (carefully!) reassemble so it's aligned properly. But be very careful, that's how I snapped my screen.
I verified it was a hardware issue in the Pine64 PineTab chat, and I disassembled it after I found this out because of a teardown video I was thinking about making that I never made.

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