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After a recent update I have an app on the desktop called Image Magick. Looks like a cool retro app from windows 95. Anyway, I have no use for it personally and I cant find it or remove it from the software manager. I have tried both sudo apt remove and sudo apt purge, neither seem to work. The app is still functioning after removing / purging the imagemagick via the terminal. Even after a reboot. Looking for advice on how to remove it and also to surface the idea of a QOL improvement by allowing the user to remove apps similar to how its possible to mark an app for "favourites". Might be convenient if pressing and holding your finger on an app brings up an option to remove it.
From your description I will assume that you are using Debian.

The reason Image Magick is still installed is because the package imagemagick is a dummy.
Its sole purpose is to be more memorable than the actual Image Magick package: imagemagick-6.q16, it rolls off the tongue don't you think.

Anyway just type `apt show imagemagick` and check for the package it depends on then `apt remove <package it depends on>` and it should be good.

For the rest of your post, indeed that would be cool.
But I think their concern is that it would have to be implemented for each way to install an app: one way for apt, rpm, flatpak, snap...
In other words, the DEs do the desktop environmenting thing and package managers do the package managing thing.
Nice! It did show imagemagick-6.q16 as the only dependency however removing it didnt work for me as it kept telling me it wasnt installed. I thought I had misspelled it so I started tabbing after imagemagick to autocomplete the rest and found a package in the apt named imagemagick-6-common. I tried removing it and it worked, now the app is gone!

About the rest, yeah that does sound like it would be alot more complicated than I thought initially. Thanks for the info and all the help, appriciate it!

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