thanks for a solid open source solution
hey y'all,

I received my PBP a few months ago. All has been going well since then - I haven't had any hardware issues. The ARM architecture (mostly the lack of support for many apps I was using with an x86 machine) takes some time to get used to. Zoom hasn't been working, but I'm glad to see that someone else in the forum has found a workaround using firefox/chromium. I'll be trying that soon because I need Zoom for work. Other than that I mostly just need word processing software, so this device works just fine for my needs. :-)

I'm not a tech specialist, actually more of a literary person, but I want to support open source tech for political reasons. I think it's important to have at least some understanding of the tools we use everyday, especially because our tools influence the way in which we interact with and perceive the world. So over the years I've ended up learning some light programming and soldering, just for autonomy's sake. The PBP seems pretty accessible for someone like me, with basic knowledge in linux and electronics. I hope that the new acquisition of ARM won't rain on that parade.

In any case, thanks for making a user-friendly open source laptop. This is my main device right now, and perhaps I'm overly optimistic, but I hope I'll be able to keep it running for years to come. I'll be counting on the community here if I run into roadblocks along the way.

bisous from the alps,


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