Kernel Update from 4.4 (Ayufan) on Ubuntu 20.04
(10-04-2020, 02:45 PM)db579 Wrote: I started with Ayufan's 0.9 image (Ubuntu 18.04) - the minimal server variant. I then apt-installed ubuntu-gnome-desktop, and then upgraded the Ubuntu version through the graphical software updater to 20.04. So far so great, but I'm curious about upgrading the kernel.

$ uname -r

Suggests that the OS upgrade was just userland, not kernel. Am I right in thinking RockPro64 support has been fully mainlined into the Linux Kernel as off 5.8? If so is there any reason not to upgrade to it?

Basically would

$ wget -c
$ wget -c
$ wget -c
$ sudo apt install ./*.deb

Break my system or get me onto working mainline 5.8 kernel? (Also am I right in assuming the RockPro64 does not require a signed kernel image to boot?)

If you search the repos (apt search 1144) you can find the latest (from Ayufan) 5.9 kernel that you can install into the 0.9 image just fine.

Make sure you have a recovery mechanism (depending where you are booting from) - unless I am very much mistaken there is still no support for eMMC so if you are booting from eMMC you will break your install and need to edit extlinx.conf from a bootable SDcard to recover.
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