Updates stuck on stable channel.
(10-02-2020, 10:53 PM)Giiba Wrote:
(10-02-2020, 10:33 PM)Cree Wrote: This is probably my most frustrating experience yet!
For some reason after an update my phone ended up on the stable channel. It can no longer revert and will not allow me to update to further dev builds
It says build 8 but i know there's at least a 229 dev

The numbering of stable and develoment channels is completely unrelated, and since stable was just updated you're not too far behind.

I'd suggest, installing UT Tweak Tool (UTTT), and clearing the setting app's cache and reopening the settings. I bet that'll fix the issues. Channel switching can be a bit glitchy.
Cleared the cache. Still doesnt want to switch back to dev. I customized this image a fair bit so i really dont want to reflash it. Settings just freezes everytime i open channels and select dev. Then it reverts to stable. It seems "stable" build 8 just wont allow you to go to dev. What nonsense is this, i dont want to wait for a future stable 9 to get back on dev.

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