Sim cards and carriers, discussion
(03-09-2021, 06:17 PM)mini-DIN Wrote:
(12-06-2020, 07:30 AM)ryo Wrote: For Japan providers:
SoftBank: doesn't work. They literally can only support iPhone, Android, and garake (which are flip phones, which all run AOSP Android if they support 4G LTE, WiFi, or both).
Rakuten Mobile: works! No IMEI locking, no specific OS only, no other shinanigans. And on top of that they're way cheaper too. Although just like with SoftBank, their ID verification AI can't read my ID, so I had to let SAGAWA (one of the many postal service companies) verify at the front door instead.

Docomo appears to work, too! I haven't tested it extensively since swapping the SIM and adapter in and out is a pain, but Docomo sent me a text with a URL to get the APN info. After configuring that, mobile data worked.

I sent and received texts and received a couple voice calls. Making a call failed, but I've been too busy to test it again.
I recently found out that it's just SoftBank that is causing problems.
I was looking for a LINE Mobile SIM, they give you the choice between SoftBank, NTT docomo, and au, and they only need to know the IMEI and OS for SoftBank while registering, they don't ask this information for the other 2.

Rakuten Mobile runs on the NTT docomo network (I noticed that when I tried Plasma Mobile from micro SD for the first time).
However, there is 1 side effect: while riding 京葉線 (Keiyo line), there is no connection at all in 浦安市 (Urayasu, the entire city), so if you want to visit Tokyo Disney or Disney Sea, I can guarantee you that mobile data will NOT work at the park!
Has anyone managed to setup a Google Fi Sim Card?
(05-03-2021, 07:35 AM)Bonesdog Wrote: Has anyone managed to setup a Google Fi Sim Card?
Yes, apn is h2g2. You will only get T-mobile service, not US Cellular or Sprint
Does WiFi calling work?
(05-04-2021, 04:10 AM)RodneyMyers Wrote: Does WiFi calling work?
Sadly, no. There was a guy working on that. But, haven't seen progress on that in quite a while.
We just got Puretalk to work in U.S. But only running Arch OS. No other IS would work.
Right now I have a Puretalk sim in a Manjaro Beta edition, and can make and receive calls and SMS, data is working.

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