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I am on latest batch of PBP ANSI(received end Aug/2020), i used to had some issue with the keyboard(sometime the alt or ~") key goes crazy and activated by itself even i am not using my PBP.

After flash the firmware the problem goes away, and the touch pad experience are much better now.

(09-23-2020, 08:40 PM)moonwalkers Wrote: Jack Humbert: https://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?tid=8884

I have his firmware flashed. Can't say it is any different from the latest official (?) firmware as far as making the touchpad more usable goes, but it fixed for me some keyboard issues, like the ability to use Super with arrows for quick tiling. Also I was able to use it to swap around Ctrl and Fn--as a ThinkPad user, I much prefer Fn on the outside and Ctrl on the inside right next to Super--as well as map right Alt as the Menu key (helps to avoid switching hands to mouse/touchpad in some apps).

Yea, I have a pretty newly shipped PBP and while the trackpad is still the weak point in hardware IMO... the firmware seems to function. Correctly. I think that the trackpad hardware is simply not up to par; the way it clicks on both sides (I know its for function, but doesn't translate well...) so, I have decided not to even play around with firmware until theres a real compelling reason to doso.

It works for me; if I had older hardware I think I'd use Jack Humbert's just because I've heard good things about it... or if Pine64 ever really suggests a NEW one that does something to change the trackpad/keyboard's function.

As for now, if a user has current firmware on a newly shipped PBP I'd suggest to leave it alone.
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