location tracking
"Location services turned off - No applications can obtain local information"

Thats what it says on my phone under privacy settings yet, here I sit looking at the pre-installed Maps application showing my position on the map with a 100 meter accuracy.

Whats up with that?
Maybe if you are connect to WiFi this provides enough information?
Then what is the purpose of the setting?

  The maps app does run from the phone,  However it does pull the 'maps' from the internet.
     The actual maps are not stored on your phone,   just the 'App'

     And I believe the onboard GPS locates you on the map via the satellite coordinates.

       So,  No evil Google is tracking you.

  You can turn-off your cellular service (in settings ) and still see your location.
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It's a fair question - I don't know how that setting is supposed to work. I don't think the underlying Geoclue or ModemManager APIs have any checks for app-level permissions. Your location is probably arriving from Geoclue doing a lookup on WiFi AP location and/or Cell ID location.
In my experience, Maps starts up from Wi-Fi if available, and seems to use Whois information for the IP address - sometimes it shows my location over 100 miles away from my home, at what I assume to be some facility of my ISP.     This location varies from time to time, I should start logging this information, correlate it to my dynamically assigned IP, and try to figure out what is really going on.
When Maps has been open for a while, if I am somewhere that sees enough sky for the GPS to lock in, my position changes to the actual location +/- 100 meters or less.

Websites such as Amazon or Home Depot that try to use location services info from the phone do not seem to get any, so I think that the setting works as it should ... Amazon mostly seems to think I am in Seattle for some reason; Madison or Eau Claire are fairly common false locations that they see ... again probably IP address based.

- Yes, it's IP based. When I do a lookup of my IP it matches the incorrect location Maps shows. When I turn off WiFi and go outside the GPS gets my true location. Maps has no memory of this; when I turn WiFi back on, boom, there I am back in the North Woods. Throughout this procedure I had a 3 to 4 bar 4G cell signal, tower location does not seem to be involved at all.
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Relevant wiki article
(09-20-2020, 03:40 PM)devrtz Wrote: Relevant wiki article
Interesting, thanks !
BraveHeart running Mobian from SD card.     Daily Driver.
(09-20-2020, 03:40 PM)devrtz Wrote: Relevant wiki article

Thanks devrtz  !   Very informative.

  I love my Pine phone(s), but if the GPS is not the exclusive source of my location, ie: 
  cell towers and wifi triangulation is included in finding my location,
     I am very very  disappointed in this device.

I do also own a $50. handheld Garmin GPS that gives my exact location with absolutely no connection
to any outside "services".

My handheld GPS is a receive only device, it uses only the satellite signals for location. 

I thought the phone only needed the internet to display the maps.

This could open a whole new subject on privacy,

**  Should I remove the maps app ?

  Would that help prevent wifi triangulation ?
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We are using the word "location" in this discussion to mean a couple of different things; location as reported to the user in the Maps app, for instance, versus location as reported to other entities on the internet, "mostly" for commercial purposes.

As I understand the wiki article linked above, cell and wifi location is used to furnish location data to the user, as in the Maps app; whether that information is passed to others is controlled by the privacy settings.  As far as I have been able to determine so far, the privacy settings appear to work, that is to say no location information is being passed along to others.   I am just beginning to look into this, but a few days ago I turned on location services to see what happened, and so far no app has requested this information.  
FWIW, I don't think any of the most intrusive apps are even available for Linux, for which I am grateful.

A point I am unclear about is my own phone's relation to Mozilla Location ... for some reason I have never seen the Mobian first time setup wizard mentioned in the wiki article; I am still using a very early image (Debian+Phosh, pre-Mobian) that has been upgraded many times ... so I never answered "yes" to sending Mozilla my location.  This may be why I have trouble with Maps when on mobile data rather than WiFi ? Also why I seem to only get location from IP and GPS and not from cell ?  Maybe I should get an up-to-date image on SD and try how that works.

Worth noting in passing that one obvious leak of location data is to Mozilla Location Services; how much personal identifying information is carried by this channel is something I do not know.

More on this topic, maybe, as I learn more.
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