Ok; Pine64 platform is simple pimple, too - want a new OS or system, just burn an SD card and throw it in the slot...

You boot right into the OS or system thprivledat you wanted.

Why didn't ya'll just say that already - I don't need NOOBS, I just need to load and go.

Check. Tongue

I'm gonna be right @ home here... also, I *am* gonna learn uBoot and setup a build with several OSes for the... well; the NOOBS.

NOOBS probably need to know that you need to run NOOBS with privledges on MacOS or else the SD card won't burn.

At any rate, I love my PBP... its simple pimple, and I got Ubuntu Mate loaded... anyone have a favorite Ubuntu bases distro that has KDE - or really, anything other than suck bag Mate??? Tongue

I'm fixing to work a project now - with either FreeBSD or Ubtuntu running DosBox and getting all my old games rocking and rolling.
Furthermore, I'm gonna write a how-to on both Manjaro [because thats what is shipped....] and Ubuntu on how-to get on BBSes in 2020.....

If *you* dig old bulletin boards you should login to mine:

You need an ANSI terminal, like syncterm or netrunner.... syncterm is available at syncterm.bbsdev.net. After you install syncterm (Hopefully under SDL but I dont wanna confuse you right now, curses is OK...)

Check me out @
20 For Beers BBS

20ForBeers.com port 1337
password = meatloaf

and checkout the BBS scene of 2020... ANSI art is rocking hard. Door game networks are rocking hard. and FTN message networks are rocking hard - all available @ 20 For Beers BBS... and many others.

COME LOGIN, Pinebook community!!!
Special access to any Pinebook folks!
(And Raspberry Pi folks, but shhhhhh.) Tongue
.  .  .  .   .  . .

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