Emulators and bluetooth controllers compatibility
Hi all,

I was wondering if there is a working version of retroarch for Linux on any "distro" of the Pinephone; I believe this phone can become a great retroconsole with a standard bluetooth controller that you can find on Aliexpress for 20$ (like this one for example). Has anyone tried? I don't have a Pinephone to try this at the moment (I am waiting to buy the next community edition).

Retroarch and the rest (mupen, etc) are not listed on working software on either Mobian or pmOS.

I would wager they would need a good bit of work, but yes, it would be fun to have emulators coupled with the keyboard being developed. Like you said, with video out and bt controllers it would be quite handy.
Yes, retroarch works - see this thread.

I had no luck with mupen but since it works on glodroid, it should be possible in linux too.

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