Dormant Projects and Hardware
(09-07-2020, 02:02 PM)PakoSt Wrote: A lot of the effort put into the Pinebook Pro directly affects the rockpro64 and rock64. Same with the PinePhone and Pine64-lts.

Maybe the PineH64 is an exception to the rule (though shouldn't Panfrost bring similar support for the Mali inside of that SBC?).

It will be great if more people were active with the devices, I agree. Better support for the ports would be great, luckily mainline kernel support os close for most of them. A few updated system images will go a long way Smile

Yes agreed ... the mainline kernel has a lot to offer. My most recent adventure was using the latest Armbian on Pine64+ 2GB. It worked extremely well. I was able to install Docker and Portainer the Docker GUI. My plan is to take a look at Seafile on Docker. Still going.

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