Pinenut projects
I did not find bl602 related forum, so let me post here Wink

I've had time to play with pinenuts lately and wanted to share about these wonderfull boards (I use pinecones and Nut-01S).

I'd like first to thank Pine64 for providing this hw, and lupyuen for his documentation efforts (mostly on the SPI !)

At the moment, the Nut-01s is my favorite, it is so small and yet usefull on its own with its push-button and RGB led, you can power it on two AAA batteries and there you go ... It's main drawback is that it has not enough pins to drive SPI devices, for that I use the pinecone.

I have a main project to do a small e-paper display for the kitchen, using waveshare 1.53" SPI e-ink display, here are some photos of the HW


And the software can be downloaded here :

There is not much for now, the little box can drive a remote vlc server through http, it displays songs in directory and playlist and controls loading and playing songs or webradios ... I had to adapt code from the epd driver, and used yxml to parse the http streams from vlc.

As I wanted to add gemini capabilities to my box, I dived a little more into gemini itself. Using mbedtls I've been able to get gemini page (directly from the https examples of mbedtls) and serve some data too from a pinenut. The gemini browser is not yet functional into homedisplay, I do not render the text yet to the e-ink and only watch it from the serial terminal

Here is the server proof of concept code :

I did not manage to get it to work using mbedtls that comes with the SDK, there was some cipher negociation problems. So I used mbedtls from git and backported the necessary bits to make it work on the pinenut ... so as you might expect, it is a little hacky but it works, I can change the led color with a gemini request made from a streamline gemini browser (used gmnlm and castor)

I hope it will draw other people to have fun with these little chips !
Awesome, keep up the good work. I will check with moderator on setup a forum section for PineNut and Pinedio
This is very inspiring, thank you for sharing!
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