PinePhone development questions (Or: U-Boot PinePhone 3GB support)

I'm digging a bit into the nuts and bolts of the PinePhone, and would like to have a ground up OS built working for when my 3GB PMOS edition arrives. I noticed on IRC that there are known issues with OS support and the 3GB PinePhone, so I thought I'd dig into what's going on, here's what I've found so far, but please correct me if I'm wrong  Big Grin
It feels a bit chaotic.

So I have a few questions:
  • What's holding up the patch getting into u-boot upstream?
  • Is upstream patch progress tracked anywhere?
  • Is there anything stopping the patch being committed to the Pine64/u-boot repo? (Which would allow projects to simply point at that commit to get support)
  • Is there anywhere where cross-OS efforts like u-boot fixes/kernel fixes/etc are being tracked and coordinated?
Sorry if these are super noob questions


The patch is now in the crust branch and wheels are in motion to get it upstream! Thanks for the awesome work everybody Smile

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