reset postmarket os to factory specifications

Is there any way to reset postmarket os to factory specifications, like in android and start the installation process all over again?


I would need this as well.

I've received my phone today. During setup I've choosen to enable encryption and entered a password I remember for sure. But I could not even start it for the first time because my password is not accepted. Maybe this is because I have used an exclamation mark (!) as part of my password or something else.
Unfortunately I don't believe you can just reset it.

However what you can do is use Linux commands to change whatever you need to be it password or what have you.

If you want to completely start over there are two ways to do so:

1. Flash a pmOS demo image
2. Build your own pmOS image and flash it.

I have built a couple of my own images, it isn't super hard providedyour setup is either x86 or aarch64, armhf is NOT supported

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