Ejection mechanism of microSD slot DOA

the ejection mechanism of the microSD slot in my rock64 that I got yesterday seems to be broken - each time I insert the card, it comes right back. I don't know how this mechanism works, but is there a way to fix that apart from soldering in a new slot? Seems a bit odd to send it back just because of such an issue.

Has anyone had this problem already? If yes, how did you fix it?
My first choice would be to return it.

As a workaround you could slide a thin piece of paper card in along with the SD card to basically jam the card in. Again not sure what results it would yield buy I've seen others have had success with this method. If this worked a more permanent solution would be using this cable which would mean you would never need to access the onboard SD card slot https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/micro...sion-cable

I don't think soldering a new unit on to the board would be an option either.
Cool, thanks for the hints - I didn't know about these TF card extension cables yet!

I already contacted support and they asked me for a demo video, guess I'll have to record this soon...

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