FreeRTOS, RIOT, Mynewt and wasp-os Firmware now auto-building with GitHub Actions
Hi All: I have ported 3 flavours of PineTime Firmware to GitHub Actions...

1. FreeRTOS (see the workflow)

2. RIOT OS with Rust (see the workflow)

3. Mynewt OS with Rust (see the workflow)

This means that any of us may fork these repos, update the source code, and GitHub will automatically build the PineTime Firmware for us. All in the GitHub Cloud, free of charge :-)

After hanging out in the PineTime Chatroom for a while, I realised that many people have problems building our PineTime firmware (especially on Windows). Hope this solves the firmware build problem for newcomers. And it also lets us compare logs to troubleshoot the build.

Learn more about building PineTime Firmware in the GitHub Cloud...

"Build PineTime Firmware in the Cloud with GitHub Actions"
wasp-os (MicroPython) is now supported too yay! :-)

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