NVMe adapter separate order?
Hi, I just wanted to confirm that the NVMe adapter must be a separate order, as the Cart seems to have no problem accepting it in the same order as the Pinebook Pro.
(07-27-2020, 01:18 AM)powerful owl Wrote: Hi, I just wanted to confirm that the NVMe adapter must be a separate order, as the Cart seems to have no problem accepting it in the same order as the Pinebook Pro.

When purchasing/preordering a PBP, ANY other item will need to be made as a separate purchase. IIRC, the cart shouldn't allow you to complete your purchase, if you have other items in your cart along with the PBP.
I don't know if this has changed, but when I ordered my PBP (Dec 2019) the NVMe adapter board seemed to be an exception to that rule as my order went through and it was sent in the same package. There were discussions on here about it being included in the same package as well, mostly pertaining to almost missing it since it was just tossed in the outer packaging.
i recall when it was made publicly available, it was advised to not purchase them at the same time to avoid the batch shipping of the PBP from slowing it down. i don't doubt that happened, but as long as this advisement remains on the PBP store page, one should assume that it is still accurate:

Quote:Due to Lithium-ion battery in Pinebook, the shipment of Pinebook Pro orders will be handled differently from other Pine64 products, that’s the reason we didn’t allow to combined Pinebook Pro order with other Pine64 products. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

If/when that kind of change occurs, I'm sure it'd be part of a community update, since most people prefer making single purchases vs having to buy A and then go back for B, C, D, etc. As-is, I wouldn't be surprised if the battery powered products remain shipped separately from the non-battery products. Both are kept at different locations. However, i don't know if the NVMe adapter boards are kept in the same location as the PBPs, so this is more of an educated guess.
***    I Do remember the NVMe adapter was the one exception available,  when ordering the Pinebook Pro.

Although I am not certain if it is still available to purchase with the PBP.   ?
Hi folks, thanks for the responses Smile On further investigation I find that the 970 Evo Plus doesn't work anyway https://wiki.pine64.org/index.php?title=...SSD_drives, so I'll just go with the standard eMMC. (I have the NVMe left over from an upgrade, seemed like it would be a good use of it.)

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