Mobian phone too hot
I think one thing we can do to try to mitigate some potential issues down the line is to try to maintain good battery health. and like natasha mentions controlling w during charging. As in make sure to use proper power supply/charger.

Also another thing would be to try to keep battery in good health. Many sources quote 40-80%. Others state above 20%.

Another thought is to leave off while sleeping if you don't need it.

Mine turns back on once plugged into charger but by holding the power button down once again you can leave it plugged into charger, off.

I haven't noticed any recent posts on heat issues and have noticed mine is not near as warm as it was when I first got it back in July. Still, pay attention to processes running too hard if you have a heat issue. Then turn off and try to find out what is causing it if possible.

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