Lomiri / Wayland / regular apps
Hello everybody,

I have a few questions around ubuntu touch and I hope somebody can give me some answers:

1) I understand the desktop environment of ubuntu touch is called Lomiri. So, does Lomiri run on X11 or on Wayland? If on X11, when will it run on Wayland?
2) Why can we not run regular desktop apps like Libreoffice or Firefox on Lomiri? Is it planned to enable these apps and if yes, when will this probably be the case?

For question 2: I see that this is possible for PostmarketOS and Mobian, and I really really think that this is a must to be attractive to users in medium / long term.

I am curious about your answers!

1) from what I understand, the GUI of UT runs on Mir, rather than Wayland or X11 - Mir was Canonical's attempt at making their own proprietary thing as Canonical does. it may have changed since before, but I believe I've seen another thread that mentioned this recently.
2) there's an interface for adding regular Gnu/Linux apps called Libertine, but I've had no luck in getting it to actually work. the GUI interface for adding a Libertine container seems to use the standard method for creating containers (lxc), while the Pinephone seems to require an alternate method (chroot). there's a few threads about people's progress in getting it to work, however I haven't invested much time into it. for more information: http://docs.ubports.com/en/latest/usergu...rtine.html
Agree. HAving Libreoffice running on pinephone is a must for the success of the project

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