Camera use on Mobian/Brave Heart
Mobian Nightly Release  20200707

Camera is WORKING on the "out of the Box" software,  pictures are not high resolution, but not bad.

Is there a GUI method to add these pictures to my outgoing SMS text messages ?

I did accidentally put a picture of my son,  as my sisters text avatar icon.   Blush 

  Thanks,  BC
Chatty doesn't support MMS for now, so that's not possible, no.
(07-08-2020, 02:08 AM)a-wai Wrote: Chatty doesn't support MMS for now, so that's not possible, no.

So texting the Pine phone pictures is not possible ?
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No, using email/matrix/telegram/whatever will work, but texting won't (for now)
You are able to receive a picture mms, but it is by far not a nice and easy thing to keep consistent (I have only been able to do it once).
When I have a picture sent to me, the phone receives an sms message with a long string of charecters (these plug up the modem if not cleared and stop sms from functioning). They are visible through mmcli or modem-manager-gui. Using this string you can fabricate a curl command to download the mms file from mmsc server using the proxy and mmsc settings and the "download code" sent to you via sms (this only works through the mobile data from my poking around). Then the mms file needs to be opened / extracted (which is the part that only worked once and I cannot remember how). After poking around for a few hours and not getting farther than opening one message seemingly accidentally; I have not tried sending...
I took a pic of my dog and sent it via email to my GF. Smile
Worked fine, but I had to use Firefox to access my email, as Geary does not want to write emails just yet.
(07-08-2020, 05:36 AM)a-wai Wrote: No, using email/matrix/telegram/whatever will work, but texting won't (for now)

Not a problem,   but helpful to know.

Though I do look forward to it working someday.

Thank you very much for how well so much of the Mobian system does work now.

and Thanks for answering my questions.


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