CRUST power management on Mobian
Is Crust enabled on Mobian's stable build, and if not is there a way to enable it? The Mobian roadmap mentions "better power management to improve battery life" but it hasn't been updated in about a month.
You can enable it by going to Settings->Power and enable "Automatic suspend".

I guess it will be enabled by default in the future.
(06-27-2020, 12:28 PM)devrtz Wrote: You can enable it by going to Settings->Power and enable "Automatic suspend".

I guess it will be enabled by default in the future.
Cool, thanks devrtz!
I was wondering if the problem with how quickly the battery drains and how hot the phone gets while charging , and while discharging could be remedied with Crust?
"You can enable it by going to Settings->Power and enable "Automatic suspend"." doesn't seem to help me. ...
(I have the UBPorts CE)
What time options have you chose when you enable automatic suspend ?

'On battery'

There is a pull-down menu for delay,   you can set the delay from 5 minutes up to 2 hours.

I have been 'playing with mine,  I have both the 'on battery'  and  'plugged-in' set to 20 minutes.

( Brave Heart Edition running on July 15, nightly build of Mobian )
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Feel free to correct me. Crust is most effective when the phone is not in use. As for the temperature while using the phone, it seems as though the throttle temp has been set at/near 50C recently. A noticeable difference from what it was, probably 70C.

"Crust improves battery life and thermal performance by implementing a deep sleep state. During deep sleep, the CPU cores, the DRAM controller, and most onboard peripherals are powered down, reducing power consumption by 80% or more compared to an idle device. On boards without a PMIC, Crust is also responsible for orderly power-off and power-on of the device."
Thermal management is unrelated to crust, these are completely different things.
Thermal throttling has been enabled (for all distros, afaik) by setting a kernel option only recently, and devices running too hot should now be a thing of the past when running an up-to-date system.

Crust sure helps with cooling down the phone while in deep sleep, but that's only a side effect, its main purpose really is about increasing the battery life for common usage scenarios.

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