US SIM Cards not working on Pinephone
I turned my Pinephone on today to find that my SIM card wasn't detected, and I found that my Pinephone is not detecting US SIM cards but after putting in a European SIM card I had it detected it just fine. The 2 distros I was running were UBPorts and Mobian, could one of them have updated the modem firmware causing this issue? I had a US SIM card working just fine 3 days ago but I updated both Mobian and UBPorts also 3 days ago and I wasn't paying attention to the SIM card status.

Edit: It actually appears to work in the factory test but wasn't working in UBPorts or Mobian.
I just got my UBPorts community edition today. The sim card wasn't working. I then noticed that an extra sim card laying around was a bit larger. That one worked. Is it possible that you're using the wrong sized sim card?
I'm using a micro SIM which is the correct size. I put the European SIM on top of my US T-Mobile SIM and its the exact same size.
I think this belongs to the PinePhone forum
My cricket sim picked up and worked fine first try (it's one of the mid-sized sims, I used the sim insert that came in the plastic baggy in the box). I was able to make and receive calls and txts and was getting LTE. After messing with hotspot settings my LTE quit working and I haven't been able to get it back yet :\ This is with the UBPorts edition.

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