Comparable hardware on single-board
as the pre-orders are sold out, I would like to buy a pine single board computer to get a feeling on how useable (or not useable) a pinetab would be.

Could please someone tell me which pine single-board computer I should buy to get the exact same performance as with the pinetab?

The reason behind this is that I am a school teacher and would like to try if the pinetab could be suitable foor school use.

In Germany, students are required to buy a very expensive graphic calculator for math. So firstly I would like to try how GeoGebra runs on  pine Hardware.

Any of the boards with the A64 processor and 2GB RAM should be pretty close in performance. That would be the A64 2FB model, the A64-LTS and Sopine. I don't know if the different eMMC modules have different read/write speed or how much that might change performance.

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