Haptic Feedback
I seem to not have any haptic feedback when typing on the digital keyboard in Ubuntu Touch. Is this normal behavior? I haven't felt vibration in the phone at all except at one point the phone got stuck vibrating randomly until I rebooted it.

Is the keyboard supposed to give haptic feedback or is there something wrong with my vibration motor?
Exactly the same for me (with it stuck a few times too). I'm on Dev #50 now. I can get keyboard sounds on Ubuntu Touch (in the sound options) but there's no option I can see for haptic feedback for the keyboard, so I imagine it's yet to be added. Will be nice when it is.
As an aside, the phone seems physically capable of this, as I think it worked in SailfishOS.
Vibration isn't working yet aside from calls, it seems.
Hopefully, it'll work on the keyboard soon. Typing experience is so much better with it.

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