[Solved] Increasing size of root partition (for apt install)

How can we increase the size of the root partition? The root partition on my PinePhone is 2.3 GB but nearly full, whereas there is a /userdata partition with 8.4GB.

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The answer seems to be to use the gparted program (available as a liveCD bootable under virtualbox). I was able to move userdata “to the right” and grow the system partition larger to fill up my 32 SD card.
Rootfs in UT is read-only and it should stay that way to avoid issues with OTA updates.
But if you are determined and you know what you're doing and accept the risk, you can boot to recovery/jumpdrive by pressing Volum Up + Power while the phone is off.
You should see Yumi, UBports mascott. Once you are in this screen, you can connect your pinephone to a PC via USB. There you can use whatever tool you want to resize the rootfs. I used gparted but it isn't exactly easy because you have to resize userdata first to get more free space then move userdata so that the free space is adjacent to the rootfs and then you can resize the rootfs with that free space,

So far this setup has worked well even after I switched channel although of course all changes in your rootfs are gone after that. OTA update results may vary.

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