PinePhone delivery notice FYI
Just got confirmation from DHL my PinePhone will be in next Friday, end of the day!! I'm in southern Florida. And I have o pick it up at their Service Point or Locker in Plantation, Florida....
Good news on shipping!! My PinePhone arrived very quickly after dispatch from Hong Kong. It was in DHL's hands on Saturday and my hands Monday afternoon. I live in southern Florida, USA. DHL here is a bit wonky about getting your item. They send notification for pickup at their location locally, which is a combination service locker / service point (staffed interface). Problem is they don't send you a locker code, so you have to go through human beings who are mystified why you don't have a locker code...

Anyway, shipping was fast and the PinePhone is GREAT!!!  Now I have to do my part and learn! :-)

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