Unresponsive trackpad - brand new PBP
I received my PBP today. After unpacking it I plugged in to power and left it alone to fully charge before first boot. It took 4-5 hr? For red led to turnoff. Next I powered the machine on and finished initial manjaro setup. After I got to logon screen I noticed that my trackpad is to totally not responsive. I can’t move cursor not any clicks do not produce anything. I did try toggle Fn-F7 but that did not do anything.
I did try to soft and hard reboot and no change.

Any one having this issue? Anyway to resolve this? Or should I consider it defective unit?

I had the same issue until I removed the 'noise cancellation' in the touchpad settings.
(06-04-2020, 11:47 AM)sleepingsysadmin Wrote: I had the same issue until I removed the 'noise cancellation' in the touchpad settings.

In my case zif socket to trackpad was damaged during assembly. I submitted support ticket to https://desk.zoho.com/portal/pine64/

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