So to preface, I originally thought this device was amazing. Decent build quality and other than the factory somehow defaulting wifi to off, I thought it was good!

My first mistake was trying to install anything other than what was on the emmc already. I tried manjaro-xfce and the wifi wasn't detected - at all. When I plugged in a usb wifi adapter to update the installation, it refused to boot after the update. I went through the process twice, same result.

After that, it was an endless slog. Did I mention that there's no eject on the sdcard reader? Is that intentional? Am I supposed to have to find a flat screwdriver to get my sdcard out every time? I did try USB (since I think I read that's supported), but it wouldn't boot from that on either port.

I tried again, with the original KDE manjaro "supported release". I tried three different sdcards, two computers and four different programs/methods to write the images. Every time, it either wouldn't boot, booted into read-only mode or I got endless loops of "authentication failure" when trying to boot and start the installer. I tried mrfixit's version and then used manjaro-arm-installer too. I even tried dd-ing from the SD card when I could actually convince it to start. No go.

After a while I managed to get the manjaro i3 version to install AND have wifi (victory), but I don't WANT to use i3, so I updated and installed XFCE. Fine. Then I rebooted, or tried to. Wouldn't power on. Read up on the wiki, and figured the emmc was loose. Checked. Reseated. Tried the reset button. Finally had no choice but to disable emmc. Fine. Boots again, but seems to corrupt the sdcard too. Bought a new sdcard in case this was the problem. Nope.

So I have a $200 paperweight and nothing to show for it. It won't reliably boot from sdcard (again, why is there no eject functionality?) and the emmc is seemingly useless. I cannot express how disappointed I am.

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