Abuse of downvotes
(09-25-2020, 07:40 AM)bcnaz Wrote: OR :
Public listed,    ""Down voted by : @xxx         Because :  Blah Blah Blah""
Anonymous or rampant down voting should NOT be allowed.

But occasionally some posters do deserve it  (just my opinion)

I believe all rep given is public. It might just be the modcp, but I'm able to click on the rep number to the right of a user on any post and see all the rep given to them by others and the reasons given.
The negatives I received never had a listed reason ?
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(09-25-2020, 08:04 AM)bcnaz Wrote: The negatives I received never had a listed reason ?

wish i could say i was surprised. that's a legit grievance. if you report them, i'll take care of them.

if anyone has been given negative rep without any justification, please report it to the mods so we can investigate.
(09-25-2020, 03:32 AM)SwordfishII Wrote: @Luke

Is there any way to permanently block someone? Due to my, and many others, responses to a certain forum individual they have been on a down vote/negative rating crusade and have sought out every post I have basically made in order to negatively rate them.

I have ignored that person via the control panel, but that has no effect judging by the 10 negative reputations in basically 2 days.

I mean I know reputation is fake internet points, but this is getting harassing.

I'm having the same thing with LinAdmin2...

I wrote the moderators, ignored the user and haved held back at replying to his even accosting replies to me personally.

I called him an asshole; so I do deserve ONE negative. Tongue But... when it walks like a duck...

I, also, hope the mods would decide to refund the multiples of negatives by one user. I have like 7. Only from one user, with no other negative reports. Duh...

I only hate that this is even a thing we have to bother the mods with - like they have real issues to deal with like the store, bringing us more cool hardware and etc.

But, I am glad and think we needed to post about this ONE user. I bet you are talking about the same person.

Over and over and over and over isn't fair.
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I guess if I were in control, I'd give said malcontent a chance to cancel all his negatives (he can do that). No other apology really necessary. If he can't cancel his negatives, then I'd ban him. He's abusing the system and seems to be the only one. I'd give him a chance though. Everyone has bad days that they regret.

I wonder though if this didn't already happen. I wondered that, when he first started the new account with the 2 appendix.
As the community grows It appears that we'll have to set up a series of more stringent rules for people to follow .... which, frankly speaking, is a bummer.
As for the up/down votes - I am happy to get rid of them as I cannot see them serving any real purpose.
I'll start a vote in the community section.

edit: started a poll here
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(09-25-2020, 12:06 PM)Luke Wrote: As for the up/down votes - I am happy to get rid of them as I cannot see them serving any real purpose.

Great, that will help detoxify the community a great deal.

Out with the old, in with the new? A thank you/like system is available as a plugin/mod for myBB, please see: https://community.mybb.com/mods.php?action=view&pid=360

That mod/plugin would help to reward valued contributors to the community provide recognition.
Disagreement is useful but its often difficult in a forum or any aspect of life to disagree with someone without getting disagreable.

Although I have upvoted, I have not downvoted.  The reason is that most of the time my opinion regarding a post is just
that an opinion about THAT particular post and I don't think should continue to reflect on that member and the rest of their

Therefore I really don't care for persistent "Reputation" ratings.

I would like to disagree with a post and my downvote for that post be just that - a rating of that post not the ongoing quality of the poster.

I think maybe I'm unrealistic but I would like to be able to disagree with a post without going into a lot of details because I have no energy for arguing. 

(Of course if very specific objective errors are perceived in someone's post that may cause harm if not corrected to the OP or others subsequently reading it then it is certainly one's obligation to try and correct them even at the risk of some disagreement.)

I disagree with folks answers/posts sometimes either in part or in full and wish there was a way just to nudge the person to say basically:
"Maybe you should rethink your response.  Is it helpful?  Is it fair and considerate considering the problem that the origninal poster is experiencing?"

I have occasionally disagreed or been disappointed with posts from some of my favorite and what I consider to be the most helpful posters in the forum and just wish this disappointment could be expressed in a non-personal and very granular self-limiting way.  In other words just disagreeing/downvoting a specific post.  

Naive perhaps.  Just my two cents.
Do vote: https://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?...6#pid79186
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Voted. Thanks @Luke Smile

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