[SOLVED] How to poweroff PBP from Linux terminal?
Dear Pinebook Pro fans,

I have a PBP and it has Debian with Linux 4.4.213 on it. I have installed i3wm beside the MATE

I have a problem with powering off the machine though. In MATE if I press the power key a dialog appears and if I press shutdown the machine shuts down and power offs as expected. However, if I run `sudo poweroff` or `sudo systemctl poweroff` the system shuts down but does not poweroff. The screen goes black and a pointer keeps blinking forever. It does not matter if I run this command inside MATE or i3, the result is the same.

According to this thread I configured the power key for i3wm and also used systemd-inhibit to prevent systemd from handling the power key when i3 is running. I think it has nothing to do with the above mentioned problem though, since that problem happens in MATE too.

The question is, what MATE does differently that its shutdown dialog can poweroff the PBP properly? Doesn't MATE use systemd to poweroff the machine?

I appreiciate any of your comments.

Adding `--force` to the poweroff command solved the issue, i.e. `sudo systemctl --force poweroff`. However, I don't know what prevents the poweroff without the force flag.

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