Trackpad lack of fine movement and overrun ruining experience.
Ok, I'm enjoying my PineBook Pro except for one problem that wrecks the experience... the trackpad.  Sure, I'm used to my MacBook Pro trackpad and I don't expect the PBP to be as good, but I'm finding the current PBP trackpad hard to use.

Yes I'm complaining, sorry. Smile

The basic problem I have is that the trackpad is slow to start, I can move my finger a good bit before it even moves, and then it suffers serious overrun when I stop.  This happens with the stock image and with Manjaro XFCE so it doesn't seem specific to the factory image.  The overrun happens with NetBSD with just the basic X11 server via 'startx' as well.  I happens with the  Debian Installer testing version a bit even with the slow default speed.

You can test the overrun for yourself, just move your finger quickly left to right, starting quickly and stopping quickly.  You'll see the pointer continue to move well after you stopped your finger.

You can test the "delayed start" by moving your finger slowly.  You'll be able to move your finger several mm before the pointer responds.

Combine these two things and it is hard to use.  Grabbing the corner of a window is frustratingly hard.  Stopping on the correct window decoration (minimize/maximize/close/whatever you got) is difficult.  As a result instead of just using things, I'm thinking too hard about trying to get the pointer where it belongs.

I know someone else posted about this also, but I can't believe this isn't more widespread.  Are people just "living with it" or using an external pointing device or what?

Any ideas on how to fix this?  I seems to be in the trackpad/keyboard firmware since it is affecting Linux & NetBSD.

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Trackpad lack of fine movement and overrun ruining experience. - by gillham - 01-26-2020, 02:10 PM

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