Rock64 Long Term stability
Hi All, 

    We are using rock64 v2 for a big roll out in every part of the world in our product.  Our product runs 365x24x7 and we have some questions about long term stability of rock64 hardware.

Our hardware configuration: Rock64 (2GB) with Forsee eMMC and Bluetooth Dongle (StarTek) and rock64 recommended wifi dongle and with some other USB interfaces.

1. We would like to know what is the max number of days the rock64 ran with some applications are running with max of 2 cores are being used at all times without rebooting/shutting down and powering up?

2. If we run continuously, is it tend to slow down the processing?

3. Do we need to take any precautions to run this hardware 365x24x7?

We have some observations (not concrete), but we would like to know what is the capacity of the rock64 to run 365x24x7.


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