Switching from Mint or MX Linux to Pinebook Pro
Wow, that sounds really great. Will the PINEBOOK Pro be as functional as any othern "Non-ARM" laptop by being able to connect an external LED display, multiple drives with a powered USB hub, and the ability to simply remove & store the battery when it's not needed i.e. when the user wants to run the laptop as much as possible on the powered cable connection? We have our own home office, so our laptops almost never leave the house.

I'm asking because my wife and I switched to laptops for our computing needs quire a few years ago. But we do attach external devices to them such as display, keyboard, and mouse, as well as primary & back disks via USB. Our displays usually have VGA or HDMI connectors on them. Will the PINEBOOK Pro be able to handle all of that?

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RE: Switching from Mint or MX Linux to Pinebook Pro - by User 12599 - 07-08-2019, 07:26 AM

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