Rock64 Seafile Installation
Dear all,

currently i'm running 3 Raspberry Pi's for different tasks (ie. FHEM, VPN-Gateway, Seafile-Cloud, NAS ...). Due to the lack of USB performance i decided to buy a Rock64 to use it as NAS which works pretty good. Afterwards i thought about exchaning one of the RPI's by installing Seafile on the Rock64.

After several hours of try & error i can't get Seafile installed on the Rock64.

I tried to compile Seafile with the help of the Seafile manual but ending in a lot failures.
I tried to install an alreadys compiled version but struggeling with the mysql-configuration which is killing me.

On the Pi everything was a little bit easier. Has anybody a good and working instruction to get Seafile installed on the Rock64?
Which OS should i use to get it running? Up to now i tried bionic-minimal and armbian.

Thanks in advance for your support.

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