Q4OS no sound on bluetooth device
Hello forum-members,

I'm trying to get my bluetooth sound working on my Q4OS sd-card boot. In the standard KDE Neon image this works, but not on my new love Q4OS it doesn't work....

I am connected:

[Crosley CR8005]# devices
Device 30:21:10:2D:28:22 Crosley CR8005
Device FF:09Big Grin2:62:99:F8 N08CS
[Crosley CR8005]# connect 30:21:10:2D:28:22
Attempting to connect to 30:21:10:2D:28:22
[CHG] Device 30:21:10:2D:28:22 ServicesResolved: yes
Connection successful
[Crosley CR8005]#

But when I play music the sound is coming from the pinebook speakers....

Anyone an idea how to fix this?

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