First-Timer trying to set up a minecraft server
Hello all!

I'm a newcomer to the world of SBC's and got my 4-GB Rock64 delivered yesterday, so of course I've been spending most of today fidgeting and trying to get it to boot properly. I'm writing here because while I've gotten it booted up 'n running, I still feel like the performance is very underwhelming. I have a sneaking suspicion it's because I've done something wrong but am not sure where to go from here.

I got this board specifically because of it's price-to-performance ratio, I'm looking to set this up as a minecraft server machine for my friends and after some quick searching on speccs and seeing others doing the same with their pine64 boards I thought it'd be the best option for the price.

I'm running the OS on a flashed 128GB, UHS-1 SanDisk ((still Very new to SBC so this felt like the less daunting option vs eMMc)) which I accidentally first flashed a RockPro64 image on and then emptied by formatting it back, using the SD Association's SDFormatter. It's now flashed through the Pine64 Installer with the Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic image (build 0.7.9-1067) which booted up no problem first try! Might also be worth noting I have VERY little experience working with linux, I've only ever owned windows machines but I've messed with ubuntu machines a bit in some programming courses so it's better than the 0 experience I have with any of the other options in the installer.

I also managed to set up a SSH-server on it and remotely installed the default JDK 11.0 kit, and a minecraft server by using PuTTY and psftp. which I could not get to run smoothely or anywhere near acceptable speeds. I delegated a minimum of 2GB memory for it to use but it never used more than .6-1.3 MB, and ended up stuttering and having delays of 2-5 seconds!

I guess my question is: Am I doing something wrong, and if so does anyone have any pointers? (maybe it's because of how I handled the SD card or maybe the fact I used a SD card to begin with? is there a better OS-image to use for this purpose?) or is this just not something that the Rock64 is capable of dealing with?

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