NAS + ​Pine64 ROCK64 = Few Important Questions

Recently, I thought that I would really like to setup a personal NAS. However, I also thought that it will be a way more interesting to create a storage by myself. Here are a few reasons. Firstly, prices of pre-determined solutions (e.g. Synology) are probably too high for my needs. Secondly, I have a background in IT, so I consider this as an interesting experience with electronics and SBC. What's more, I have two unused drives that will probably meet my space needs.

I really need something with a USB 3.0 interface because I want fast communication via local and global network. My first thought - Raspberry PI. However, I was very disappointed, when I read that Raspberry does not have USB 3.0. What a shame! Undecided  So I've started looking for SBC, which is both inexpensive and has at least one USB 3.0.
I found Pine64. I've read a lot, but I have some questions that may turn out to be crucial during choosing SBC or a cheap NAS device. I decided that it would be much easier to show what I want to create with the help of a chart, so I put one below.

[Image: Yp6Mqcmxq_Mn8nUQ7PCsac5TrlCzOZk1oivkz6A1...30-h684-no]


  1. Can all of the above functionalities be achieved using OMV? 
  2. Does OMV work well with a Pine64? Should I rather think about a stronger version that has 4GB or more USB 3.0 ports? 
  3. Is OMV enough for my needs, or do I need something like FreeNAS? I've read about FreeNAS, but I'm terrified that NAS software may require as much as 8 GB of RAM! Huh

  1. Ideally, it will be possible to purchase several IP cameras (no more than five) in the future and have a live-preview via OMV. What's more, I would like to achieve the recording functionality from the selected camera to the given folder. Perhaps this is trivial, but I imagine a situation when I am not at home and I want to set the recording for the next few hours or simply enable it when I forget about it (via Android Phone). 
  2. I also saw the equivalent of OMV application, but for Android. It was probably OMV Remote Free. Does it contain all functionalities (or at least the most important ones) that OMV offers in Web Panel?
  3. I have an old, unnecessary tablet. I wonder if there is a possibility to use it in any way in connection with the NAS? I was thinking about a simple frame that will show disk resources, temperature etc. If not that, then maybe someone has an idea for something more interesting?

  1. The main bottleneck here is HUB. As I mentioned, it should be rather a NAS, which is very cheap and is based on elements that have been left from previous computers. Will there be any problems to use the USB 3.0 HUB to expand the number of USB ports and connect more hard drives? 
    I would like to add that the two main disks will use the SATA / IDE Adapter - USB 3.0 with external power supply (at least one of them will have external power supply). If all of them will be using USB power (or even more in the future), could there be a problem? Can the bandwidth be reduced?
  2. I would like to keep the Multimedia (Movies, TV Series) on the external disk, but in such a way that after unplugging and attaching again, there will be no errors and PLEX will guess that it should use the right files automatically.

  1. On YouTube, I saw that PS3 can be connected to a PLEX, but from what I remember from a few years ago, while playing multimedia from USB there were still problems with subtitles (TXT, SRT). Do I have to take care of the video format and subtitles using PLEX?
  2. Dropbox Connection - absolutely necessary function. I have a folder with photos - about 50GB. Priceless. I can imagine situations that someone steals my computer - that's why I have NAS and backup at home. I can also imagine the situation that there is a fire (or whatever) and I also lose the NAS. I would like data from several folders (Photos, Private Files) to be sent to my Dropbox account (1 TB) immediately. Is it possible? In the simplest terms, I want to implement a few simple schemes, e.g. 
  • Upload New Photos -> Send Them to the NAS -> NAS Sends Data to Dropbox
  • Take a Photo using Phone (not necessarily being connected to my own network) -> Send Photo to the NAS -> NAS Sends Photo to Dropbox
  • Of course, I'm talking here about really necessary data, not about FULL HD movies Tongue
I do not have any questions related to the FOLDERS, because I've read that ACL is very extensive, so it will certainly manage to implement such a simple scheme with division into three roles and several folders.

At first, it seemed to me that my NAS doesn't have to be very complex, but after a few days of thinking, the idea grew, that's why I'm asking if a cheap SBC with 2 GB of RAM is enough. More specifically, I'm asking about Pine64 ROCK64 - Rockchip RK3328 Cortex A53 Quad-Core 1.2GHz + 2GB RAM  Blush The best alternative (not much more expensive) I've found is Odroid XU4Q - Samsung Exynos5422 Octa-Core 2,0GHz / 1,4GHz + 2GB RAM. However, the only difference is an additional USB 3.0 port.

Thanks in advance,

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