Rock64 LTS
(04-08-2019, 01:28 PM)gops Wrote: I read like "The ROCK64 4GB board designated as LTS (long Term Supply) model, PINE64 committed to supply at least for 5 years until year 2022 and beyond.", does it mean that Rock64 1GB or 2 GB not available for LTS?

Considering 0-70 deg C temperature range, with FCC and certificates, can we consider Rock64 4G LTS for product development instead of using them as hobby board? We want to roll out few industrial data acquisition products, which works with PLC within factories, mostly 20 to 60 Deg Range. I understand that there are various OS issues reported by community, but our use is not media playback, considering USB, Ethernet and UARTS working, we are more than happy.

Currently we only designate 4GB version as LTS. This decision due to the more variety that we commit, the heavier on the stock inventory commitment (some components we need to to acquired in batch).

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