Tutorial[ Seagate Disks ]: Optimize Life Span/Power Managment
(06-15-2019, 05:37 AM)Neo2018 Wrote: where and how do I 'master' ? so that I install it without errors, etc. 
delete -> /openSeaChest/Make/gcc/openseachest_exes and from new git clone https://github.com/Seagate/openSeaChest/tree/master   ????????????

Hello Neo2018,
Some disks don't have some features, others have..
Also there are a feature in the disks to turn information persistent or not.. I don't recall if I activated that first or not..

To know for sure you need to read the manual of OpenSeaChest..

For example My IronWolfs 4TB  doesn't support FreeFall adjustments..  Sad

I wanted to tune the disks to detect they are Falling, and Park their heads for minimal damage when they Hit the floor..
But my versions doesn't support it.. Maybe the PRO versions do, or maybe another Release do, mine don't support adjustments..

But Low Current SpinUp, I think is standard in all IronWolfs..

To get the 'Master Branch',
Follow the steps in the Tutorial,( with Exception of step 2). ), the new step 2). for master branch is bellow ..


Step 1). from Tutorial

2). Get master branch of OpenSeaChest

mkdir master && cd master
git clone --recursive --branch master https://github.com/Seagate/openSeaChest.git

Step 3). from Tutorial

The rest is the same, try with that branch..


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