Allwinner A64 RTC bug fix on bionic image?

I am working on a Pine 64 LTS board. I am using the Ubuntu image bionic-minimal-sopine-bspkernel-0.7.30-140.img.

I recently stumbled on the problem described in this patch:

My question is, that does the image i am referring to have the timer instability issue taken into account in some way?

I ran the test provided in 
and i had no errors.

This would imply that the fix is implemented either in the kernel or in the SoC.

Can anyone verify this for me?

Sorry if this subject has been discussed before, but i had trouble searching with the keywords "rtc bug".

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Allwinner A64 RTC bug fix on bionic image? - by tkaivola - 01-31-2019, 04:35 AM

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