"ROCK 64 STEREO AUDIO DAC ADD-ON BOARD", Is it okay if I turn on the power ?
In the delivered item,
The termination point of the signals "TD+-/RD+-" and center-tap of "pulse trans" are connected to the same node.

*) same node: 1.8v Reference-Voltage
  This node is generated by a newly added parts (regulator) to the published "circuit diagram".

In this state, the value of the resistor that mounted on the board can not be measured accurately.
Because L of "pulse trans" interferes with the measurement of resistance.

Therefore, I removed the resistance from the board, and measured only the removed resistance.
Then the value of resistance was "62Ω", this is the similar value that was generally used.
And this value accords with the numerical value ("062") written on resistance.

Because I was able to confirm the above, my uneasiness point was canceled.
Therefore I turned on a power supply and really operated it.

It worked without a problem.


> Please post a photo so that able to determine whether PINE64 store deliver wrong board to you.

PINE64 store's photo:

Published schematic:

Delivered Item's photo:

The reason why I bought this board is as follows.

As can be understood by referring to the following thread,
Nobody made it according to the published circuit diagram and succeeded in its operation.

"WARNING: internal 10 | 100 PHY requires magjack hardware!"

My doubts are as follows
1). Why does it work with this "circuit diagram" ?
2). Why selling products that do not work ?
Because I thought that the fact must be either of the above.
My purpose of purchase was to confirm the above.

So, I had the opportunity to purchase "RockPro64", so i bought this product together.
After receiving the product, and seeing it, my doubts was solved immediately.

The received item is clearly different from the picture of the product being published and its circuit diagram.
And a lot of parts were added to the "EtherNet" related part of the received item.

… My estimation was a mistake. …
  The result was neither of the above doubt "1)" / "2)".

To unexpected things,
  The product that is currently on sale is different from "published photo / circuit diagram".
The fact was due to the above reasons.

  It is obvious that it will not work, even if it is created according to the published circuit diagram.

*) Finally.
  I present the "circuit diagram" of item that I actually make and worked well, and the parts used for it as examples.

RJ45-JACK(with pulse trans)


Parts used for "ROCK 64 STEREO AUDIO DAC add-on board" are …
  The terminating resistor is "62 Ω".
  The manufacturer of the regulator(1.8v) is unknown.
  There is no LED display function of "EtherNet".

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