issues loading firmware and missing pci card
FYI, a kernel is now available with a fix for the LSI issues:

The changes look like they should be released as part of ayufan soon, if they aren't already in there.

These do require a command line parameter pcie_rk_bus_scan_delay=1500 to work (consider experimenting with the delay).

I was also having power issues due to using the pine64 3A power supply.  A 5A power supply is probably more likely to work with an LSI HBA due to the card drawing 2A on its own.

ayufan has been merging a bunch of other pcie patches as well, so anybody with other issues may want to test the latest release.

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RE: issues loading firmware and missing pci card - by rich0 - 04-06-2019, 03:34 PM

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