Working desktop on Debian ?
(08-28-2018, 10:10 AM)Trash_Can_Man Wrote:
(08-27-2018, 11:51 PM)Chris66 Wrote: Can anyone prove or have seen evidence of;
1. well-functioning desktop can actually be installed and run on Debian?
2. that Firefox works 100% correctly on Rock64, without crashes?
3. that Firejail can run on Rock64?

1- you can see the evidence yourself, here you can download a prebuilt image with debian and a desktop and working fairly well imo
2- No idea how stable but apparently you can either install it from repos or build it yourself (can i suggest chrome? its lighter and i used it on rock64 and works failry well)
3- Never used it but apparently you can also install it from repos or probably build it yourself

Hi, and thanks for your response.

I've tried:
Armbian 5.42 that is working, but is unfortunately too slow.
Armbian 5.46 cannot run.
Armbian 5.59 that works and is slightly faster than 5.42 but not so fast as Ubuntu Bionic from Ayufan.

Firefox is running but breaks down rather quickly in both Armbian, as in all Ayufan's releases.

I don't trust something Google is involved in, that's why Crome and Chromium no interest.

Firejail works at 5.42 but not 5.59, and 5.42 is the only operating system to Rock64 as I could get it to run on. I have otherwise tried all Ayufan's stable releases of Debian and Ubuntu, as well as all of the releases from ca. 1 January 2018 and forward to day date.
It's actually quite strange that important programs like Firefox and Firejail not working on Rock64 when the nonessential programs like Chrome and Chromium works.

Moreover, NO Debian with some desktop work from Ayufan's releases.


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