[Help Needed] Vehicle infotainment system using Rock64
Hello guys!

I just bought a Rock64 board and plan to use it for building a car infotainment system.
I've previously used an Odroid XU4 but since I need a device with possibility of adding a DAC hat I switched to Rock64.

I have several questions regarding the board since this is the first Pine64 product I have.

1. I see that the official Android builds for Rock64 have this TV-ish launcher and have some limitations in terms of app compatibility (ex Hangouts). I also saw a post from one of the moderators/admins that there is an early build of "Regular" Android for Rock64. 
Is there an approximate ETA when this rom will be available officially?

2. I used a smart power supply with Odroid XU4 for shutting it down automatically when I turn off car ignition . Odroid has a PWR_ON pin which shuts down the device when connected to 1.8-5v power pin. So the power supply simply closes the connection between PWR_ON and 1.8v pin when I turn the ignition off. I see that there is no such pin on Rock64. 
So my question is if I can connect the power supply to the power button pins to achieve the same result? The power supply should close the connection between pins and hold it for around 2-3 seconds so the shutdown dialog would appear. Is there also an option to shut down the device without "Restart/Reboot" dialog box?

3. Is it possible to use GPIO pins with official Android roms or are there any GPIO libraries (ex wiringPI) available for Rock64 which can be implemented into the kernel?

I guess since many people use SBCs in their cars I will create a step by step tutorial on how to create a CarPC with Rock64 in this thread since I didn't find any existing ones. So it would be quite useful for them to find the answers to the most relevant questions here.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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