Support for Windows IoT Core?
based on past history and the statement by pine64 that it is not interested in software development only hardware and that software comes from community except to have something, android, available at board release so there is at least something to run on the board either from mostly rockchip or allwinner depending on board the probability to have pine64 seriously get into win10 IoT development is near zero. about the only reason they would even suggest it is to attempt to sell more boards with no real interest in following through. if you want win10 IoT on the rock64pro you should forget about pine64 doing it and instead start a campaign to get it done perhaps via crowdfunding it. of course that would take a bit more effort on your part to find people capable and interested in doing it but your chances of getting it actually done would be much greater than entering a few posts in this forum seeking pine64 to do it. pine64 is not going to do it. they do not have the resources nor the interest.
just a quick edit to say that if you do put together a team to bring win10 IoT to rock64pro that most likely pine64 will provide hardware support for the project and if a viable o/s is created pine64 may even contribute to the crowdfunding campaign. they are very good in that respect.

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