Issues with first start, what do the different LED states mean?
(05-08-2018, 05:49 AM)Botagar Wrote: Thanks for the replies. I was hoping that ssh would be pre-enabled so I could scan down the device on the network and ssh into it. I loaded up Armbian but if I need to initially access the SOPine over serial, I'm going to have to wait quite a few weeks. I'm unfortunately travelling a bit at the moment due to work so taking deliveries is impossible Sad


NetBSD boots with SSH enabled, you could at least try that.

ps. Checking your DHCP server log is faster then scanning your subnet (depending on the tool you use)..  Smile

(05-07-2018, 02:32 PM)aww Wrote: Folks have been having a ton of issues using Clusterboard when it comes to networking, could you try one of the armbian builds that are linked in this subforum?

Most issues are resolved with a few commands in the bootloader (you can automate that).
I flashed the SPI with my own u-boot version that has patches for some stuff and fixes the ethernet issue. (configures the rx-timer)

short version of the patch code u-boot: mi w 1c30000 1f 7; mi w 1c30000 1e a4 ; mi w 1c30000 1c b573 ; mi w 1c30000 1f 0

mii write 0x1c30000 0x1f 0x7            // select reg-page
mii write 0x1c30000 0x1e 0xa4         // ext-reg (rx)
mii write 0x1c30000 0x1c 0xb573     // disable RX delay via undocumented magic numbers :-(
mii write 0x1c30000 1f 0                   // Restore the page

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