[Repaired] [Progressed] [Successful] How to play Minecraft with ROCK 64
How did you change the .config exactly? Can you upload it to pastebin? Also upload the output of your kernel build...

Edit: I just saw that linux-lima is a mainline 4.13 source tree, so you better take the .config from ayufan's mainline kernel ( https://github.com/ayufan-rock64/linux-m..._defconfig), but 4.13.x is also too old for RK3328, the HDMI drivers you need for video output are probably arriving in 4.17.x or 4.18.x... so you need to forward port the linux-lima patches, from what I read in the issues in the git repo starting from " f0fddeaf1b7df4f1f7404155ad8b03a5190e5550 : drm/lima: init commit for adding lima driver" 

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